The Fashion Innovation Award has been created with the help of a variety of enthusiastic and inspiring partners and sponsors. With a special focus on developing digital disruption in the fashion and retail industry, we are proud and grateful for their strong support of our initiative.

Accenture Interactive - Digital agency of Accenture
Accenture Interactive

Accenture Interactive helps the world’s leading brands transform their customer experiences across the entire customer journey. Through our connected offerings in design, marketing, content and commerce, we create new ways to win in today’s experience-led economy. We are experience architects, part creative agency, part business consultancy and technology powerhouse that focuses on the customer agenda, by driving holistic customer experiences. Accenture Interactive is the digital agency of Accenture. It has been named the world’s largest digital network by AdvertisingAge.

Visit us at www.accenture.com/accentureinteractive

Bally - Swiss luxury brand

Bally is a Swiss luxury brand established in 1851, anchored in an exceptional heritage of shoemaking. Today the brand offers unique and vibrant designs across footwear, accessories, ready-to-wear and eyewear.

CRIF AG - Credit management solutions

CRIF - your number 1 partner for business information - manages the largest risk database in the DACH-area containing comprehensive data about private individuals and companies. By the application of identification and solvency checks, optimized payment and address management as well as fraud prevention solutions CRIF supports companies in E-Commerce protecting effectively and extensively against all types of risk.

Fashion - Il magazine di news, business e trend

Fashion è leader tra i magazine di approfondimento rivolti ai decision maker del sistema moda italiano e internazionale. Informa costantemente i propri lettori sui temi di attualità legati al business della moda e sulle novità di mercato, sulle strategie di retail e merchandising, sugli orizzonti commerciali internazionali e sulle opportunità insite nel digitale.

Fashion offre contenuti ad alto valore aggiunto a una platea di 50.000 opinion leader, tra cui 10.000 amministratori delegati di primarie realtà, 20.000 middle manager di brand, produttori, distributori, 5.000 influencer e tutti i PR più autorevoli e aggiornati. Costituisce inoltre un punto di riferimento imprescindibile per tradeshow, showroom, agenti, retailer, giornalisti e oltre 2.000 professionisti dell’e-commerce & technology community, oltre che per il mondo  accademico e per gli appassionati di moda in generale.

Fashion è una piattaforma integrata: oltre al magazine e al sito www.fashionmagazine.it, la newsletter quotidiana è fonte continua di notizie di provenienza internazionale, con più di 25.000 utenti registrati, mentre i convegni annuali vedono la partecipazione di esponenti dei più importanti player dei settori moda, tecnologia e lifestyle

Fondazione Agire - Innovation Agency of Southern Switzerland
Fondazione Agire

AGIRE, the Innovation Agency of Southern Switzerland, is a public-private partnership established in 2011 that promotes local innovation, entrepreneurship and economic competitiveness, targeting the creation of high-skilled jobs on the territory.

Google - Organizing the world's information and making it universally accessible and useful

Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Search has come a long way since Google started in 1998 but our mission remains the same.

NetComm Suisse Association - Swiss e-Commerce & Innovation association
NetComm Suisse Association

The goals of NetComm Suisse are to support the interests of e-Commerce companies, contribute to the knowledge and diffusion of e-Commerce, including related services and technologies, and to bring down the barriers that limit the development of the sector.

Through activities as diverse as lobbying, legal & fiscal support, training and research, the organization aims to build a stronger e-Commerce environment in Switzerland and beyond to enable sustainable growth across the industry.
 NetComm Suisse enables Associates to build their own businesses and at the same time build a stronger community of e-Commerce operators for the future. Through networking events, training, institutional relations and research into the digital market, the organization enables greater consumer confidence in e-Commerce and greater success for operators in the industry. We also engage proactively with the media and international institutions, providing information, concrete data and a voice for the wider industry, seeking above all to help build a more engaged and successful future for the sector.

Nextbit - Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Nextbit increases business productivity and efficiency in the digital age by enabling the adoption of the latest innovation on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Our team bridges the latest academic research in the analytics field by applying a variety of skills including: data engineering, data science, user experience, creative design to solve business problems. We use a well-planned and rigorous implementation approach to achieve results; quality is at the heart of any project we undertake. Nextbit provides consulting services for customers’ proprietary projects as well as cutting edge industry specific solutions which can be readily deployed, developed by our team.

SkipsoLabs - Innovation platform provider

Innovation and crowdsourcing solutions for private, public and social enterprises. SkipsoLabs offers customised online platform to involve stakeholders and clients in finding and enhancing new innovation projects.