Academic Jury

For a solid understanding of the dynamics of the new economy, we have invited leading academics in the field to join our Fashion Innovation Award jury. We are extremely lucky to be able to count on their insights to drive our mission onwards.

Lorenzo Ambrosini - CEO Agire Foundation
Lorenzo Ambrosini

AGIRE, the Innovation Agency of Southern Switzerland, is a public-private partnership established in 2011 that promotes local innovation, entrepreneurship and economic competitiveness, targeting the creation of high-skilled jobs on the territory.

Fabio Duma - Head Luxury Management, Universities' Lecturer, ZHAW
Fabio Duma

ZHAWis one of the leading universities of appliedsciences in Switzerland. In our work in research and development, the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences concentrates on important societal challenges, with a particular focus on energy and social integration. With locations in Winterthur, Zurich and Wädenswil, the ZHAW is firmly integrated in the local region whilst also collaborating with international partners. 

Lorenzo Cantoni - Head of Istituto di Tecnologie per la Comunicazione, USI
Lorenzo Cantoni

He is full professor at the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI Lugano, Switzerland), Faculty of Communication Sciences, where he is director of the Institute for Communication Technologies. His research interests are where communication, education and new media overlap, ranging from computer mediated communication to usability, from eLearning to eTourism and digital Fashion, from ICT4D to eGovernment. He is chair-holder of the UNESCO chair in ICT to develop and promote sustainable tourism in World Heritage Site.

Roberto Mastropietro - Head of Information Systems and Networking Institute at SUPSI
Roberto Mastropietro

SUPSI offers more than 30 Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree courses, characterised by cutting edge education which unites classical theoretical-scientific instruction with a professional orientation. Great care is given to research, carried out in key sectors on competitively acquired projects with large European and national agencies or mandated by organisations and institutions.

Marco Mossinkoff - Senior Lecturer, Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Marco Mossinkoff

Lecturer and research fellow in fashion marketing and branding strategy

Corinne Young - Director of Graduate Studies, FUS
Corinne Young

Franklin University Switzerland is a private liberal arts college in Lugano, Switzerland, for students who want an English language education in Europe. Founded in 1969, Franklin offers Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees accredited by relevant authorities both in Switzerland and in the United States.

Donatella Zappieri - Master's Director, CREA
Donatella Zappieri

CREA is a leading educational establishment in the areas of Marketing, Communication, Digital Marketing and Art Direction.  CREA currently offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, available full-time or as executive courses for professionals, as well as continuing education short courses in the form of certified programmes. CREA focuses its development on excellence in the following areas – Creation, Digital & Innovation, Luxury and Sport.